The Franklin Bellingham Rail Trail Committee (FBRTC) is now accepting nominations to serve in leadership positions. Your help is critical at this time to maintain this great community resource.

What is the Mission?
The Franklin & Bellingham Rail Trail Committee (FBRTC) is a volunteer advocacy group dedicated to the development, maintenance, and financial support of the Southern New England Rail Trail as a multi-use, universally accessible recreational path.

Here is what some of our volunteers say about being involved!

“I first got involved with the FBRTC to help develop the local rail trail and offer outdoor recreation opportunities for myself and my kids. What I received back was much more! Serving on the committee has connected me to neighbors and leaders in my community and has led to friendships both professionally and personally. I feel good giving back, and at the same time helping to create opportunities for people to improve their health and connect with nature.”
Marc (pictured front left helping to clear the Fox Run Rd section)
“I appreciate the work being done on the trail. While walking the Rail Trail: I especially treasure the serenity and fresh air, Walking with my grandchildren and dog, To feel like I’m in the woods but only a few yards away from civilization, The maps on the kiosks, The cleanness, safety, and surface and width of the trail.”
Tony (pictured left with Darren cleaning the drainage ditches on Lake St to Prospect St section)
“Not everybody can say that they are helping to build something permanent that will be utilized by Franklin, Bellingham and neighboring towns for the good health and happiness of all of our residents; but we can! When we achieve our goals, we can also say that we are leaving something really good for our children and grandchildren! Help us achieve our goals!
David (pictured left as a long time director of our road race, Dave has started the FBRTC and has worn many hats during his very productive tenure)

Being part of the committee helps ensure the benefits of the trail are there for you and others!

How You Can Help
The committee is charged with assembling a slate of nominees for President, Vice-President, Treasurer, and Secretary. Other positions and areas to serve are also available and determined by need on an annual basis. 

Any interested member is eligible to serve. Please complete the online form now to be contacted. Nominations must be received before January 10, 2022. You can also reach out to the committee directly to discuss getting involved at

While we hope that we are overwhelmed with nominations, we recognize that not everyone has the time to serve. FBRTC has always been a volunteer-based organization with multiple opportunities at a variety of levels. To that end, we would encourage you to fill out the interest form.